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Jonny Ocean is an accomplished tattoo artist with 20 years of experience. He is based out of Los Angeles, California, and specializes in in realism and surrealism, in color as well as black and grey. His masterful, highly detailed work can be seen on many of Hollywood's musicians, actors, and celebrities. His tattoo studio, Mohave Creative, located in the West LA neighborhood, duals a video production space. His clients appreciate the mellow and inviting vibe. 

He is an entrepreneur who has owned six tattoo shops. Three of his shops were located in Washington D.C., one situated in the prestigious Dupont Circle district, another above the trendy Current Nightclub, and a third below the well-known Tattoo Bar. These shops quickly gained the reputation of being the hottest tattoo shops in the area.



Jonny Ocean opened his first shop in Los Angeles, Sacred Art Studio, nearly a decade ago, just off Hollywood Boulevard, and near the famous Grauman's Chinese Theater.  There, he tattooed a robust clientele, managed stellar tattoo artists, and trained promising apprentices for more than five years.


Jonny Ocean has been collaborating with people in the music industry and film industry for almost eight years and has worked closely with actors, entertainers, rockers, and musicians.  He has appeared on TV shows such as Fear Factor, cameoed in movies, and has been a guest on several radio shows. Further, he has worked as a guest artist in tattoo studios across the country from the East Coast to the West Coast.



Jonny Ocean is best known for his realism tattoos, both color, and black and grey, which include accurate, detailed portraits, unembellished depictions of nature, and three-dimensional masterpieces. People are always astonished by his astonishing ability to reproduce photographs of loved ones in the form of lifelike tattoos. Other styles he tattoos include neo-traditional, illustrative, watercolor, and fine line. He also performs coverups and touchups depending on the original tattoo design and color.

His background in graphic design and architecture greatly influenced him as a tattooist in both skill and style, and without a doubt contributed to his rise and record to become a highly sought out tattoo artist by aficionados nationwide.



It comes as no surprise that his high-profile clientele proudly displays his work in all forms, black and white, color, three-dimensional tattoo, full-sleeves, back pieces, and more,  and return to his chair again and again.



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ADDRESS: Mohave Creative 11429 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025

PHONE: 424-535-3003

EMAIL: anything@mohavecreative.com

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